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ArrowKeyControl breaks 200,000 scores submitted

Today ArrowKeyControl (AKC) had the 200,000th score submitted to the website; considering that I launched AKC 54 days ago, I'm pretty happy with the achievement.

AKC has 12,862 users which makes for 15.8 scores submitted per user, on average. This compares to the original KeyControl, which has 99,889 scores submitted and 16,768 users, for 5.8 scores submitted per user (average).

I'm looking forward to the next 100,000 scores for AKC; keep playing!

12:00 AM on Thursday, 05/11/2009

Problems in da' server

There have been some issues with the server last night, as a rush of people went to try and submit scores for ArrowKeyControl.

I’ve (hopefully) fixed the problems by installing nginx (which I’ll be blogging about more later), and everything should be working nicely now. I’ll be keeping an eye on the server; if you see anything amiss, just drop me a comment.

03:05 PM on Thursday, 24/09/2009