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Fibonnaci Calculator C++

This program is a Fibonacci sequence generator. It is written in the language of C++. This is one of my first C++ programs. I also wrote a Fibonacci Calculator Applet.

This C++ application runs faster then the equivalent Java Applet.

You can download the Fibonacci Calculator program here:

Windows only version: fib.exe – 218KB

Click the link above to download the program. If asked, select the “Save file”/“Save As”/“Save” option.

Operation of the Calculator

To use the calculator in Windows, double-click the “fib.exe” file. Then you can view the output generated, by opening the “fib.log” file in Notepad. This “fib.log” file is generated by the calculater when you run the program.

05:49 PM on Friday, 28/08/2009


I’ve written nine text-based games that you can play. The games are:

  • Pig dice game; Pig is a simple jeopardy dice game. I’ve made a modified version you can play against someone else.
  • The game of Nim (easy and hard version); The game of Nim is a classic Chinese game in which players take turns removing marbles from a pile accordin to set rules. The player that removes the last marble wins. You can play against the computer with 2 levels of artificial intelligence.
  • Guessing game (easy and hard version); There are 2 guessing game. In the easy version you play a game of higher/lower against the computer. The hard version requires you to guess the square root of a given number to one decimal place within 8 guesses.
  • Jackpot!; This is a simple poker machine game (pretend!). It’s highly addictive.
  • q2q; This displays a random quote from the Q2 Quotes Database.
  • dicer; This program allows you to roll a dice with the syntax from Dungeons & Dragons.
  • mathp; This program can break down mathematical expressions and tell you the result.

You can download all the games at once here.
Download the file, then open it using a program like WinZip.

01:31 PM on Sunday, 23/08/2009

Sieve of Eratosthenes

This Sieve of Eratosthenes was created as an assignment for CPT 31 (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University) for subject C/ANSII which I completed with High Distinction and an overall mark of 95% in 2004.

The url links to an executable file to perform Sieve of Eratosthenes; doublets; case conversion; month calendar with print out.

01:17 PM on Sunday, 23/08/2009


Is your computer as stable as a rock or does it need viagra?
Can your PC stay up for longer than anyone else?
Want to see which OS can hold out the longest?

My UpTime project lets you compare computer ‘uptime’ with other people. The tiny client software ensures your uptime is always shown with accuracy!

Uptime was created with C, PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

02:31 PM on Saturday, 22/08/2009

Westend Theatre Booking Management System

The final assignment for my unit CPT33 (Object Oriented Programming, C++) at RMIT was a Bookings Management System for an imaginary theatre company called the Westend Theatre. My mark was 100%.

The application allows you to make/change/cancel bookings for shows that you insert into the program. It also calculates the amount of money owing for each show. You can download a windows executable for it using the link above.

My overall mark for this unit completed in 2007 through Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology via Open Universities Australia was 95%, High Distinction.

01:06 PM on Saturday, 22/08/2009