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Load articles in Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia side-by-side

Uncyclopedia is a parody/satire/humor encyclopedia, offering funny versions of encyclopedia articles.

Its fun to compare the serious version (Wikipedia) and the funny version (Uncyclopedia) of an encylopedia side-by-side. MultiWiki makes it easy: just type in the wrticle you want to look up and it will show the article in Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia side-by-side.

09:42 PM on Wednesday, 27/05/2009

Make Wikipedia articles more interesting

Paste the following code in the address bar after you’ve loaded a Wikipedia page and have some fun – I suggest replacing the name of the article with ‘lollipops’ as a starting point.

You can drag this link in the bookmarks bar to use this script again and again or just paste the code below into the address bar to try it out:

Replace page text

javascript:var a=prompt("Replace what:");var b=prompt("With what:");document.body.innerHTML=document.body.innerHTML.replace(RegExp(a, "ig"), b);void(0);

01:36 AM on Sunday, 24/05/2009


One of the many projects I’ve created is WikiWatcher. WikiWatcher allows you to see Wikipedia change in real-time: just sit back and watch!

WikiWatcher works by grabbing all the latest changes to Wikipedia – known as ‘edits’ – every 30 seconds and storing them on my server. When you visit WikiWatcher, it shows the latest 10 changes – the details include the article that was edited and who made the change.

So why not check it out? You get to see what crazy stuff they get up to, over in Wikipedia-land.

11:27 PM on Tuesday, 15/07/2008